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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.



  • Added this changelog.
  • Added xo for ensuring consistent code style.
  • Added ava for automated testing, along with a small set of tests.
  • Power mining can now be disabled by setting Memory.disablePowerHarvesting = true.
  • Throttling to 20 cpu can be activated by setting Memory.isAccountThrottled = true.
  • Added Hivemind class that functions as a kernel to start processes, handle throttling, etc.
  • Added Process class that serves as a base for processes the kernel can run.
  • Added LinkNetwork class that handles logic concerning multiple StructureLink objects in a room.
  • Added Relations class that manages relations with other players.
  • Added RoomIntel class that replaces direct accesses to data in Memory.rooms[roomName].intel.
  • Added creep role "gift" that takes excess resources and runs them around the map for other players to hunt.
  • Spawn reserver creeps for rooms that are deemed "safe" by the room planner, because they cannot be accessed from outside our empire.
  • Other nearby rooms will send remote builders to help out with expansion.
  • When the controller of an expansion is not direcly reachable (because structures are in the way), tunnels are built to reach it.
  • We start building roads and containers in new rooms even before they are claimed.
  • Automatic expansion is now aborted if the room does not grow fast enough.
  • Maximum scout distance is now managed dynamically based on memory usage.
  • Remote harvesters try to dismantle structures that block their path.
  • Creeps can now pick up resources from tombstones.


  • Game object prototype enhancements have been moved into separate files like room.prototype.intel.js.
  • Several global and room tasks have been moved into new processes.
  • Link management is now more intelligent instead of only sending energy to controller link.
  • Several function have been refactored for better readability and to reduce duplication.
  • We no longer create a new instace of the Logger class for almost every log message. Instead, the Hivemind class has a factory method for getting a Logger.
  • Observers may now observe multiple rooms during successive ticks if scout process deems it necessary.
  • Expansions to other rooms will now be selected using more criteria:
    • avoid being close to other players
    • avoid expanding too close to our own rooms if it restricts remote harvesting
    • prefer rooms that have many energy sources in adjacent rooms
    • prefer rooms with mineral types we have few sources of
    • prefer rooms with few exit sides and tiles
    • prefer rooms that create safe exits for other nearby rooms
    • prefer rooms with open space and few swamp tiles
  • Expansions are now taken up to 7 rooms away (up from 5) and no longer have a minimum distance.
  • Expansions are taken even at high CPU usage if a high level of remote harvesting is going on.
  • Expansions are now only taken if a safe path to the target room exists.
  • Spawn room for expansion squad is now chosen dynamically.
  • When the path to an expansion is blocked, a new spawn room is chosen, or expansion is aborted.
  • Expansion Score is only calculated when looking for a new expansion.
  • Military creeps will now attack unowned structures if a flag has been placed directly on it.
  • Upgraders will move as close to their controller as possible for less of a chance of blocking other creeps.
  • Remote mining will try not to run paths through rooms owned or reserved by other players.
  • Handle rooms that have been downgraded (or reclaimed) and contain inactive structures much better.
  • Walls and other structures are now removed more intelligently for newly claimed rooms.
  • RoomPlanner will stop trying to generate a layout if it fails multiple times.
  • RoomPlanner places some buildings differently, notably nukers no longer cover the room's center.
  • RoomPlanner places extension bays with less than 7 extensions if in exchange they are much closer to the room's center.
  • RoomPlanner no longer places towers outside of the area covered by ramparts, and places them (and their access roads) more intelligently in general.
  • Roads to the controller are built much earlier in new rooms.
  • Power spawns and nukers are only supplied if the room has a surplus of energy.
  • Attack creeps that are not considered dangerous if they are in rooms we own / reserve.
  • Optimized memory usage of serialized paths and room cost matrixes.


  • pathfinding.js has been removed in favor of creep.prototype.movement.js.
  • creep.general.js has been removed in favor of prototype files.
  • manager.intel.js has been removed in favor of RoomIntel.
  • manager.strategy.js has been removed in favor of process.strategy.*.js files.
  • manager.structure.js has been removed in favor of process.empire.*.js files.
  • Game.isAlly() has been removed in favor of Relations.isAlly().
  • Several older pieces of code that allowed interaction using flags was removed.

[1.0.4] - 2018-11-10


[1.0.3] - 2017-03-17


[1.0.2] - 2017-03-01


[1.0.1] - 2017-02-25


1.0.0 - 2017-02-17