306 Commits (reactivedrop_public)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  geotavros b58b5606f1 Fix lag caused by adrenaline usage 11 months ago
  geotavros d7ddbd6cdd Make asw_grub smoothly animated at low interp 11 months ago
  geotavros 902ffd41ac Fix marines get stuck in unburrowing aliens 11 months ago
  geotavros 8cf31ef22b Fix alien eggs don't take damage from an unarmed grenade 11 months ago
  geotavros da04dcfbc5 Fix hordes are blocked by non func_brush brushes 11 months ago
  geotavros 5f9d1a5cf6 Fix npc_antlion emits error particle killed in water 11 months ago
  geotavros 07d5f25545 Add rd_horde_ignore_north_door cvar 11 months ago
  geotavros 579bf3b5b8 Fix npc_antlion_worker is not properly precached 11 months ago
  geotavros 663a081b1f Add cvars for Grenade Launcher grenade arm time 11 months ago
  geotavros e632721d18 Remove dots in Lana's Escape objective titles 11 months ago
  geotavros efbfa8a163 Remove NPC_CScanner.DeployMine sound precaching from npc_scanner 11 months ago
  geotavros 696ae3c859 Make alien eggs smoothly animated on small interp 11 months ago
  geotavros 4b1ca20d62 Fix rockets target npc_cscanner 11 months ago
  geotavros dad5aacb0d Disable rd_networked_mouse cvar 11 months ago
  geotavros 478672d846 Disable 'Could not AllocSound()' spam in console 11 months ago
  geotavros 15067c221b Improve wanderer spawn ability 11 months ago
  geotavros 4211caed48 Add rd_horde_retry_on_fail cvar 1 year ago
  geotavros d3b95de75d Fix second horde fails to spawn if first one failed 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf c2ef3e2b5e Fix healing effect not stopping when Medical SMG runs out of ammo 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf e0d68f1d2c Add Dedicated Server Browser to the in-game Esc menu 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 73e620ed0e Add unchanged ingamemainmenu.res 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 473742ae73 Fix friendly fire not counting for Gas Grenades 1 year ago
  geotavros f2a85ba679 Fix Faith and Wildcat models are not using their female textures 1 year ago
  geotavros 9cb4235943 Rename femalemarine.dx90.vtx to femalemarine.vtx 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 70808982da Add override for CASW_Marine::GetInvTable() 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 78a1a909b1 Fix rd_ammo_counter_under_marine displaying incorrect clip count for chainsaw 1 year ago
  geotavros d14bcf65bf Improve English subtitles for Cargo Elevator mission 1 year ago
  geotavros 37441fbdb5 Prevent clients from calling rd_enable_workshop_item on server 1 year ago
  geotavros 853394477c Add rd_leaderboard_enabled cvar 1 year ago
  geotavros 956e3d0b33 Update Russian subtitles' translation 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf f6716a21b7 Fix new Achievements appearing as already unlocked 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 809533deed Add cheat flag to several vscript related console commands 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 8920600433 Add three new weapon Achievements 1 year ago
  geotavros fcd90b24b3 Fix medic bots get stuck in fire trying to heal themselves 1 year ago
  geotavros 52ad90c268 Fix medic bot doesn't prioritize infested and burning marine over the lowest health marine 1 year ago
  geotavros 5239f188cb Improve modability for marine models 1 year ago
  geotavros 70b888c411 Add unchanged femalemarine.mdl femalemarine.vvd femalemarine.phy femalemarine.dx90.vtx 1 year ago
  geotavros b28a4d265f Add unchanged profiles.res 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf f0408f8a10 Update alien_selection.txt comments with new NPCs 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 509a1a5a16 Fix asw_grenade_vindicator not using m_flDamage 1 year ago
  geotavros ca565c7264 Increase director limits for awake aliens for ASBI challege 1 year ago
  geotavros 52b17560ab Add rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_horde and rd_director_max_awake_aliens_for_wanderers cvars 1 year ago
  geotavros 611ae9ab58 Fix hordes and wanderers spawning infinite number of aliens 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf 56dece3650 Add timer_system.nut VScript file 1 year ago
  Raymond Nondorf be0182a110 Implement zombie NPCs 1 year ago
  geotavros 082e3cd644 Fix npc_antlion prints errors in console and doesn't unborrow properly 1 year ago
  geotavros 71f85e9eb4 Add npc_antlion and npc_antlion_worker into spawn manager 1 year ago
  geotavros cdec77e0cc Implement npc_antlion_worker 3 years ago
  geotavros 6b1ab06fef Improve npc_antlion implementation 3 years ago
  Raymond Nondorf 722c02dca7 Fix health counter remaining visible when local marine is dead 1 year ago