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Merge branch 'lua5.3_by_qr4' 1 year ago
  Vitali Henne c29274b0f8
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Vitali Henne 74f98d6125
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Vitali Henne 32b96e6100
Update and rename README to README.md 1 year ago
  Vitali Henne cd90f15137
Create LICENSE 1 year ago
  Vitali Henne b8ba1da9c0 Actually add Vagrantfile 1 year ago
  Vitali Henne ed47192208 Update to new lua (5.3) and add Vagrantfile 1 year ago
  Urs Ganse 9e1234584e Fix 2 confusing comments. 7 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel aee0e045bc compress_proxy: fix segfault when no options are given 7 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 1526d6d4d0 compress_proxy: fix cleanup-code 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 996e3cc43c fixup! compress_proxy: add usage information 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 3190216336 server: fix double init 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 4b11ff99d9 compress_proxy: add usage information 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 750324c1ce compress_proxy: also synchronize raw queue on world updates 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel d657f6e3ee compress_proxy: cmd-line options, flexible host, server-config 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 366548ac56 compress_proxy: merge parts of compression and decompression 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 4db1593a92 compress_proxy: broadcast code for raw clients 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 9f6883f3bb compress_proxy: add queues for raw broadcast 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel ab1608167b compress_proxy: fix double-init of xz-stream 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 60eb0933d2 compress_proxy: slightly more efficient buffer 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel ee114fa6d3 compress_proxy: cleanup and small fixes 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel c29c3a37a8 compress_proxy: working uncompressed in -> compressed out 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 5b06fb890b compress_proxy: xz compression function 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 0c9dccbd75 compress_proxy: make variable names in accept_cb more consistent 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel a55f8167b7 compress_proxy: spamdetection, detect closed connections 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 712f4884c4 compress_proxy: add a few comments 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 3a985ff138 compress_proxy: preparations for use with lzma 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel bfa2d8b4bd compress_proxy: add world detection 8 years ago
  Johannes Kimmel 2873c4d7cc compress_proxy in C in unclear status :) 8 years ago
  twist a932b18022 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://code/spaceconquest 8 years ago
  Petschge e6671dc0e2 Immediate world description 8 years ago
  twist 38b619fcd1 f = richtiger fullscreen für den viewer 8 years ago
  omnicide 3a53a5b76c Merge branch 'master' of codeball:spaceconquest 8 years ago
  omnicide 94d7aab3bb Sprites for webgl asteroids with slot positions. 8 years ago
  Urs Ganse 774a4d5e19 Merge branch 'master' of codeball:spaceconquest 8 years ago
  Urs Ganse 0ee52f46f9 Ships can also be busy by RELOADING. 8 years ago
  Petschge 6382fcd974 More info in statusboard 8 years ago
  Urs Ganse ef44f7dc5a WebGL rendert auch basen wieder. 8 years ago
  Petschge f05b180114 Small server fixes 8 years ago
  Petschge 48fd45d887 Stylebug in StatusBoard 8 years ago
  Urs Ganse c89e9058c3 Drawing ships in WebGL is now fast. 8 years ago
  Petschge f4577dccd9 Misc fixes 8 years ago
  Urs Ganse 6febace1c8 Merge branch 'master' of codeball:spaceconquest 8 years ago
  Urs Ganse 7a471de0a0 Make documentation of is_busy consistent. 8 years ago
  omnicide ca7f2a03e2 Merge branch 'master' of codeball:spaceconquest 8 years ago
  omnicide f1d249bb98 Finally fixed slots.js naming error 8 years ago
  omnicide 603a95dfd1 Fixed the error in slots.js itself 8 years ago
  omnicide d94ba8a5db Error in generator scripts for slots.js corrected 8 years ago
  Petschge b8748a706f Add firepower to statusboard 8 years ago
  Petschge 307bf5c5f8 Enhance StatusBoard 8 years ago