Alien Swarm [S]Mod
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[S]Mod - Alien Swarm mod

This mod adds several big and small changes to the original Alien Swarm gameplay. Some things that always bothered me (like there's a freeze turret but no freeze gun?) and some extra features which were originally implemented but never used properly (e.g. Powerups). This is a server-only mod, it's meant to work with the vanilla client, but you can also use it offline when you have the server.dll.


  • Uber Drones - A real brawler of a drone. Slow but once on the ground only a friend can help you out - or good old eca - don't get close
  • Colonists - You can save the survivors from the colony and earn extra XP
  • Anyone Can Hack - the Tech uses his knowledge to wire up things, all the others just scre around with it until it works. Much slower but helps in a pinch. Removed Tech requirement.
  • Syntech No Flamer - Weapon Requirement removed, instead weapon gets spawned in map. (sometimes doesn't work :) )
  • Tuned Freezer - Fire extinguisher freezes aliens, but is costly on the flamer
  • Built-in Admins - Define your server admins in a config. All leader commands work as admin, votes are instant, vote prot.
  • Chat Commands - Gameplay Experience can be adjusted* through many !commands by leader/admins. (* mostly in lobby)
  • Game Clock - Shows Map time and helps with speedruns. As long as the color is green you are in sr time, with 5 secs countdown
  • Reusable Ammo - Ammo satchels can pickup ammo like weapons. This enables the team to restack and place new stacks e.g. for the heavy
  • Shorter Countdowns - 3 instead of 5 seconds for restarts/force starts
  • Overtake protection - While slow leader join others don't have access to Gameplay Experience adjustments
  • MySQL aware - Saves last player loadouts and uses DB to preselect personal preferences. Uses DB to help out new players with best defaults for their level as default selection


To build server.dll you need to copy libraries from your Alien Swarm SDK to the downloaded source code folder. From [YourSteamDirectory]\SteamApps\common\alien swarm\sdk_src\lib to [ProjectCheckout]\src\lib Then you can use Visual Studio 2005 or 2013 to build the project. VS versions between 2005 and 2013 should work too. Note that VS 2015 will not work and give you a bunch of errors.

The code is terrible, but I'm no C(++) dev so I tried my best. If you see something horribly wrong please don't flame or at least make a suggestion how to improve it. ;)


All files belong to Valve Corp. It's not clear under which license is Alien Swarm SDK distributed but it's most likely similar to SOURCE 1 SDK LICENSE


Much code and ideas are 'borrowed' from other ASW projects, but the changelist is huge so there won't be a detailed listing. Many thanks go to the makers of

  • Riflemod - idea for marines drop-in, auto-bots and much more (this README is based on his)
  • ReactiveDrop - multiple bugfixes and tweaks
  • ASB2 - mysql library, hardcore fixes
  • ch1ckenscoop - many bugfixes and improvements
  • Alien Swarm Director Mod - mostly ideas and some bugfixes