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Planetbase Mods collection


This mod adds the requirement for Spares to more than only the Solar and Wind generators. You will have to watch the Spare production way closer. The decay is not that fast as for the turbines, but there are way more buildings than only the energy related ones.


This mod removes the necessity to build spares, since machines wont decay anymore, which might be something someone wants in totaly free builds.


This is a clone of CameraOverhaul by jpfarias with disabled screen edge scrolling ;)


This mod corrects the tooltip on the daytime indicator to the correct hours, if the challenge/planet has other than 12/12. Also ensures that the statistics are updated every 6 real hours, not 6 times a day. This works for 12 - 20 hour daytimes, but there are planets with weeks or months worth of sunlight, and night ;)


see README.md