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Delta Chat Website

This repository contains the default website of Delta Chat - feel free to edit any file as you like and send a pull request.

Formatting of blog posts and web pages

In the various source text files that are used for generating the static website we use Semantic linefeeds to keep "diffs" for changes small. The gist of it is that you put each "phrase" part of a sentence into a single line.

How to create a new blog post

  • In the directory _posts create new file in the form eg. by copying an existing file

  • Write your blog post to the file and do not forget to add or modify the title: and author: line atop

  • That's all, the result goes to , and the RSS-Feed. Ping r10s or compl4xx on so they post it to Mastodon, Twitter, Friendica and other services.

Testing changes

  • You can create your fork on Github and Github pages; the forked website will then be available at https://<your-username>

  • Alternatively, install Jekyll on your local machive and execute jekyll serve --destination <path-to-build-dir> in the source directory.

Directory structure

  • /en - Contains the source language files in Markdown. Can be edited directly.

  • /de, /es, fr ... - Contain the translated files; translation is done through .po files that are translated using Transifex, see above. You must not edit translated files directly here but you can add additional files that are unique to the language.

  • /_layouts - This directory contains a default layout template for each language (the layout is referenced in Markdown using layout: name)

  • /assets - Page specific images and files; in general, we use one subdirectory per page or section here.

  • /assets/css - CSS and layout specific images and files here.

Translate the website

You can edit and improve the existing translations with Transifex. To update existing translations from the Transifex server, see the scripts and the documentation in the tools folder.

To add a new language, the followinging steps are required once:

  • create a new layout in /_layouts/default-<lang>.html and make sure that this layout is referenced in the corresponding Transifex entries as layout: default-<lang>

  • create directory /<lang>

  • add the language to tlangs in /tools/ and run ./ pull from the tools-direcory

  • check the language selection in /index.html and in /_includes/footer-languages.html.

To add a new page:

  • create the source as en/<name>.md

  • modify tools/.tx/config as needed and create dir translations/delta-chat-pages.<name>po/

  • run cd tools; ./t-dance push

Further Hints

  • whereever possible, use Markdown instead of HTML, esp. in the files that should be translated

  • no JavaScript whereever possible, no weird CSS nor other complicated things

  • the layout should be as simple as possible and should always work on small mobile screens as well as on desktops

  • when layouting, do not force a special structure. Header, Content, Footer - done.

  • no complex navigation - Simply link subpages from the main pages

  • no one-page-layout - we also have sites with long text, and we do not want to have separate layouts

  • we do not want a complex navigation, some toplinks, a footer, done.

  • Remember: Form follows function, KISS. The site should be dead-simple.

  • Finally: Have fun :-)


Licensed under the GPLv3, see LICENSE file for details.

Copyright © 2017-2019 Delta Chat contributors