New email-based instant messaging for iOS.
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Email-based instant messaging for iOS.

Screenshot Chat List Screenshot Chat View


Betas are distributed via Testflight. Just scan this QR code with the camera app of your iPhone/iPad


or open this link

on your iPhone or iPad to try Deltachat iOS Beta.

Check the Changelog (for TestFlight builds) at the bottom to see what's included.

How to build with Xcode

You need to install rustup with rust, as well as cargo-lipo.

$ git clone
$ cd deltachat-ios
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
# Make sure the correct rust version is installed
$ rustup toolchain install `cat deltachat-ios/libraries/deltachat-core-rust/rust-toolchain`
$ open deltachat-ios.xcworkspace # do not: open deltachat-ios.xcodeproj

This should open Xcode. Then make sure that at the top left in Xcode there is deltachat-ios selected as scheme (see screenshot below).


Now build and run - e.g. by pressing Cmd-r - or click on the triangle at the top:


Roadmap / TODO for 'minimal viable version'

  • [X] use new deltachat-core-api and adapt threads to the following scheme: (the current ios-implementation relies on threads created by deltachat-core; this is no longer done)
  • [X] threads should be created when going to foreground and removed when going to background. we could say, for the first version, we're a foreground app and figure out background things later
  • [X] order: new group, new contact
  • [X] allow group creation (leave out group settings and settings for contact for now)
  • [X] text drafts support
  • [X] support DC_EVENT_HTTP_GET event
  • [X] add a progress indicator while doing the configuration
  • [X] allow advanced configuration options on setup to make sure users can connect if the autoconfig fails (imap-server, imap-port, imap-flags, same for smtp)
  • [X] allow re-configuring (e.g. after changing the IMAP/SMTP password) at an arbitrary point in time
  • [X] allow sending of images and taking+sending photos directly from the camera. (videos and voice messages and other attachments can be done in a later version)
  • reception of images
  • ui-polishing, eg.
    • improve group creation UI
    • smarter time/date display (time beside messages, date as headlines)
    • adapt avatars (use the colored images from the chatlist also in the chat, no avatars beside outgoing messages
    • show e-mail-address in the chat-title and/or open profile when clicking on chat-title (subtitle) dc_chat_get_subtitle
  • read address book for contact suggestions
  • check notifications, currently there is only a vibrate, however, we should keep in mind that the first version may be a "foreground" app, so "system notifications" may be delayed to a later version
  • check how to solve this: new messages are only seen if a chat is closed and shown again (similar to that). No tune, no number at icon.

Changelog (for TestFlight builds)

Beta 7


Beta 6


  • include work from merged PRs: , , and

Beta 5


  • allow advanced configuration options on setup to make sure users can connect if the autoconfig fails (imap-server, imap-port, imap-flags, same for smtp)

Beta 4


  • display last DC_EVENT_ERROR string upon configuration failure

Beta 3


  • support automatic configuration via DC_EVENT_HTTP_GET event
  • progress indicator while doing the configuration
  • fixes iPad crash

Beta 2


  • new deltachat-core-api (no more polling, much faster)
  • groups can be created
  • text drafts support

Beta 1


  • UI: colored initial circles
  • screens and menus now more closely resemble the Android version, while staying true to iOS conventions