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  björn petersen 894746b630
Merge pull request #1011 from deltachat/notification_text_body_order 1 month ago
  cyBerta d37970abc7
change text body order back to latest text body on top 1 month ago
  björn petersen eccbb21ced
Merge pull request #1016 from deltachat/tweak-keyboard-flags 1 month ago
  björn petersen ba6d04b6c4
Merge pull request #1014 from deltachat/issue-1012 1 month ago
  B. Petersen f31f86d616
allow multi-line-messages when system-emojis are enabled, closes #1015 1 month ago
  daniel.boehrs fee12bc07b Disable password visibility toggle if isConfigured #1012 1 month ago
  cyBerta fd0e07c9ee
Merge pull request #1002 from Ampli-fier/master 1 month ago
  björn petersen b1004d138a
Merge pull request #1003 from deltachat/issue-996 2 months ago
  B. Petersen ffb205f6af
still default to getStringExtra() 2 months ago
  daniel.boehrs 747dbd5aa8 Sharing from special app crashed #996 2 months ago
  Ampli-fier 9295ebdcc6
Added top and bottom border 2 months ago
  Ampli-fier 34b943a03d
Added border, Changed background color 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 76ce26e7b9
update checklist 2 months ago
  cyBerta c4a03497dd bump version 2 months ago
  cyBerta e49125adfa fix broken png file 2 months ago
  cyBerta 0b957a3b6c update gradle wrapper and gradle plugin version 2 months ago
  cyBerta d243e9a52c bump version 2 months ago
  cyBerta 4b4737e884 update translations 2 months ago
  cyBerta edb6937e9a
Merge pull request #1000 from deltachat/update-checklist 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 728fc2fe5c
update checklist 2 months ago
  cyBerta 4362341a71
Merge pull request #987 from deltachat/crop_signal 2 months ago
  cyBerta c053dd404d add requiresApi annotation to ScribbleActivity 2 months ago
  B. Petersen f51670df5f
adapt scribble-sticker-select to dark layout of scribble-activity 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 109e134c45
remove special transition, this does not solve the animation problem 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 8cb7a8e8ac
new image editor requires at least android 4.4 kitkat 2 months ago
  cyBerta 647bcd6be0 remove transition property from conversation title view - we don't use view transitions atm 2 months ago
  cyBerta c9a0c903ee set explicitly transition between ConversationActivity and ScribbleActivity 2 months ago
  cyBerta 321302d271 assure that image editing controls are not overlapped by the soft navigation bar 2 months ago
  cyBerta 397f1df89c left-align tools, right-align confirmation checkmark in image editing controls 2 months ago
  björn petersen de878de314
Merge pull request #998 from deltachat/remove_quick_reply_fallback 2 months ago
  cyBerta 79e82448b4 remove option to lock aspect ratio 2 months ago
  cyBerta c0744d4280 remove quick reply fallback #983 2 months ago
  cyBerta f104256d13
Merge pull request #993 from deltachat/cleanup 2 months ago
  cyBerta 0bc6b54090
Merge pull request #995 from deltachat/fix-notify 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 6e980cb316
check against null-pointer return from RingtoneManager.getRingtone(), tackles #984 2 months ago
  B. Petersen a50beb6754
unify start-chat dialogs 2 months ago
  B. Petersen ad11db6889
not-now in contact-request removes request (tap outside cancels) 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 6744e81f4a
remove swipe-to-archive and swipe-to-unarchive 2 months ago
  cyBerta ebdef1935a improve back button behavior for editing images 2 months ago
  cyBerta c2fa11a010 remove system UI visibility flags from ScribbleActivity 2 months ago
  cyBerta 323268db00 rearrange icons for image cropping 2 months ago
  cyBerta c601f69e07 fix image editor media constraints 2 months ago
  cyBerta 77ab87dbf1 increase crop indicator width 2 months ago
  cyBerta 986f9d4b36 reduce inital image size for image editing to avoid too severe performance issues 2 months ago
  cyBerta 45f65306d5 add save drawable 2 months ago
  cyBerta 5e8e4d7575 update image editing functionality to latest signal code - crop images before sending #664 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 4027e84ff8
make check-translations.sh work on bsd 2 months ago
  B. Petersen b4ec22a233
changelog 2 months ago
  B. Petersen 9a9c3b41d3
bump version 2 months ago
  B. Petersen e51bd02fd4
changelog 2 months ago